Colorful Soles Dance Company

Colorful Soles is an idea that developed in 2015. Two dancers, Jocelyn and Monika, decided they wanted to follow their dreams and start their own dance company. Well, two years later, in 2017 the idea became a reality. Starting out with a Community Collaboration Concert in the Summer of 2017, Colorful Soles Dance Company began to embed roots in the community. Continuously growing, in 2019 the class offerings expanded to include instruction for children and adults. The Company has two professional divisions, "Colorful Soles" and "Anointed Soles" Dance Companies.


Colorful Soles is a dance company for all ages, all levels and all dance types. We intend for our dance company to be "colorful" just like the name suggests. Our goal is to reach the masses and introduce the world of dance to as many people as possible, by offering exemplary dance instruction and performance opportunities for all. We are a community driven and family focused company about helping, healing and touching people's lives through the art of dance.

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